Healthy Choice

Healthy & Delicious!

You won’t get burned when you remove the box
from the microwave because the box is vented.
Leaving you with a very crunchy box of popcorn.

All natural ingredients. A low calorie, guilt free snack.

Pop’Box™ is a unique innovative concept for microwave popcorn protected by a patent.
100% Natural and guaranteed without chemicals.
Real natural sugar in the Love Me Sweet and no diacetyl in the Big Screen Butter.

Additional Information on PFOA concerns that are linked to Microwave Paper bags

PFOA (Perfluorooctanoic acid) is a known carcinogen and toxicant for humans, and remains in the environment indefinitely. For microwave popcorn lovers, studies indicate that 20 percent of the PFOA in their blood comes from the popcorn consumed. Over 98 percent of the population in the US has detectable levels of PFOA in the blood.
Our popcorn is PFOA-Free!

Dr. Oz reveals the dangers of microwave popcorn!

During the May 1 episode of the Dr. Oz Show, Dr Oz along with Pediatrician Alan Greene shared the effects microwave popcorn has on the body. Popcorn itself is a very healthy snack but can be toxic when coupled with the chemicals carried into the body through the popcorn is what makes this popular treat a hazard to the human body.
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Hazard Communication Guidance for Diacetyl and Food Flavorings Containing Diacetyl

Diacetyl (also called butanedione or 2,3-butanedione, molecular formula C4H6O2) is a natural byproduct of fermentation and is also synthesized by chemical manufacturers. Diacetyl gives butter and certain food flavorings a distinctive buttery flavor and aroma. Food flavorings containing diacetyl are used in microwave popcorn and other snack foods, pet foods, candies, baked goods, and other food products.
Our popcorn is Diacetyl-Free!
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